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How to help your child to stop wetting the bed at night?

2 answers
My boyfriend has a 5 year old daughter and she still wets the bed at night. We're trying to help her stop that. We try waking her up at night to go the the restroom but she fights us cuz she doesnt want to get up and go. Or she'll get up but just sit on the toilet for a sec and say shes done but she didnt go at all. When she wakes up in the morning shes completely soaked in pee. We ask her why she wont get up and all she says is because she doesnt want to wake up at night. We even tried not giving her anything to drink a couple hours before she goes to bed but she still ends up wetting the bed at night. When shes at her aunt and uncles though, she will get up and go so we dont know why she wont go for us. What should we do?

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I would talk to her doctor there can be medical reasons behind it. And if you are waking her you are messing with her sleep so she will be more tired and in a deeper sleep and might not stir to get up to use the potty. They make alarms for the bed that help with bed wetting and help make the child more aware. Also if it is only happening at your place ask if she would like to wear underjam or other sleep diapers for big kids. This will help keep the bed clean and if she does not like wearing them then she may start waking and being more aware of when she has to go.
If this is only happening at your house it sounds like it's a behavioral issue. Is there some reason she might not feel comfortable or confident at your house? Does she get enough attention? 

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