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how high is 198 really...

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so, i officially decided on a baby name... melody!!!! and i looked it up on the 2010 social security data base. it ranked at 198 in the girl category with 1557 babies given that first name. As silly as it sounds i'm not sure if that is high enough to make it common. i dont want her to have the annoyance of being one of three in her first grade class. soooo, is 198 a high ranking or still a little unique?

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i personally dont think so most of my children have never happen (tyler,greg, and cassie) i think its not high my opinion
198 is pretty unpopular, so don't worry about your daughter having friends with the same name. If you use the Social Security names database you can find an option that will allow you to look at the top 100 names in your state. Some names are more popular in certain areas so it's nice to know what names are being used where you live.
My name was the number 1 the year I was born. While it was popular I did not have anyone in my grade with my name until I got to high school and then it was just one other. There was some in the grades around me but it was not a ton. My niece had the most popular name for her year also and did not have a lot of kids that shared names with her. There is a chance your kid may have one kid in her class with that name but that is always a chance. The year my daughter was born there was 138 girls given the same name in the USA if one of them happened to live near us she could have someone with the same name in her class.

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