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How to keep 7 1/2 week pregnancy secret from lg family at Christmas?

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My husband and I are so excited to be expecting our first in August! Our first prenatal exam isn't until Jan 3rd. so are hesitant to tell too many people. We have told a couple very close friends and my parents. I'm not puking sick but I'm definitely not feeling the best. Nautious and very tired. On Christmas day I'll be 8 weeks along. We get together with all of my dad's siblings (8 of them) and my grandparents. We're a very close family. Is there tips on keeping this a secret from them or should we let them know?

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I will be 7 weeks on Christmas Day! Congrats! I told everyone so I can have that support, but I am high risk (type 1 diabetic). I got in Monday and got an initial appt bc of my diabetes and they did the u/s to confirm...Have you thought about telling your family on Christmas, and explaining that you aren't telling everyone yet b/c you don't have the appt til Jan? It'll be a nice holiday surprise, I bet they'll be glad you shared. Either way, best of luck!
My husband and talked about it last night.  He has been for telling since day one!  We are going to tell the family on Christmas as everyone will be so excited!  We are going to explain that we want it to still stay quiet from most until we know everything is going great as in nothing on facebook.  My husband is excited as he is orginally from South Africa and now when he talks to his family on Christmas he'll be able to tell everyone...which I'm sure he would have anyways!  Thanks for the advice!
if you feel ready to tell them then go ahead, its wonderfull news! and if u dont want to tell them then just try not to think about it, if ur not feeling well just say u must have ate something that disagreed with you. but dont tell them cuz u feel like u have to, its totally up to u!
I do feel ready but it seems like everyone suggests waiting until after the 12th week because of miscarriage?  We had originally planned telling the family on Christmas Day since I will be 8 weeks but once we couldn't get in for our first prenatal exam until Jan. 3rd we kind of started second guessing it?
I would suggest waiting. I have known people who start telling the moment they've gotten pregnant and unfortunately things can happen. I waited until I was about 10 weeks until I told everyone in my fam. My husband and I told our immediate fam at around 7 weeks but waited to tell others. If you will comfortable telling everyone, go ahead. It's great news and I'm sure they will all be happy for you. If you feel you should wait, then don't let other pressure you guys until you guys feel comfortable. That's my advice. Good luck and Congrats!

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