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how to know how your baby is positioned when you are 33 weeks pregnant

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You can feel the "ends" of your baby and can sometimes figure it out that way. Bottoms feel different than heads. Also, if the kicks and punches feel different (ie. kicks are stronger, punches are softer) you can tell that way. But, sometimes you jsut have to have your doctor figure it out, or give you a quick ultrasound in the office.With my first, it was obvious because her kicks were a million times stronger than her punches. I could also feel the difference between her head and her bottom. My second didn't kick much, he just stretched gently, so I had to rely on feeling his head and his bottom. With my third, my doctor had to figure it out. Her punches wre stronger than her kicks, and I couldn't feel the differences in her body. She was pretty mysterious.
With my daughter I could feel her bum and hip. She was slightly turned to my front so I think that made it easier. My son was facing more towards my back. I could feel what felt like a bum but not the same as with my daughter. But when he kicked you could tell there were little feet. Also as I got closer to my due date I could feel him wiggle his sholders like he was trying to get into possition.

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