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how long ??

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how long til you heal down there after birth?? it still stings a bit to go to the bathroom

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It can take anywhere from a week to 3+ weeks.  With my first it was a much quicker healing process, but with my second there was more tearing and ripping due to his fast exit.  It took longer to heal up.  Be sure to use cleanings cloths when you go and follow your doctor's orders.  You may still have some swelling so ice up too. :)  Merry Christmas Shooker!
I stung to go to the bathroom for about a week or so.. now its not hurting as bad to go to the bathroom but since I ended up with an episiotomy I know that I am still healing its just not as miserable. Did they give you stuff to spray after you go to the bathroom that relieves the healing and all that? I cant tihnk of what its called off hand but they sent me home with hazel witch pads that I can use to help with the pain and then a can of medicine that you spray that relieves the stinging as well. Just be sure to follow whatever directions that you were given at the hospital. I think that it took about 4 weeks or so with my daughter to heal but my son is only 2 weeks as of today and I am feeling alot better this time around..I was told it could take up until the 6 week point when you go back to your dr app to be completly healed.. good luck =)
The best advice I ever got - Lean forward to pee! You will get less urine on the sore spots that way and can heal faster and with less pain.Good luck :)

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