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How long after implanon removal did you conceive?

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I'm 23yrs old and had my Implanon in for 4yrs. I just had it removed on Feb 27, 2013 and my husband and I are officially TTC. I have had very regular periods with both of my implanons. The first one (03/09-03/12) was every 3 months, for 3 days, light! With the second one I didn't have any periods until Jan of this year. I'm worried that because I've had in for so long that it will take longer for me to fall pregnant. I have had no periods since Jan 2013. I hope someone can give me some good news about similar stories. Thanks everyone! :D

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As with any hormonal birth control, it's going to depend on your body. Everyone is different. Some women using hormonal bc can get pregnakm immediately after stopping it, others take longer. Implant and shot bc methods are generally stronger and long-term usage can make it harder for your body to get back to a normal hormonal level. Just be patient and wait for your next period. After that, I recommend you use home ovulation tests to find out when you are ovulating. The good thing is that you are young, so even if it takes several months or even a year for your hormones to regulate themselves, you still have plenty of time to have children before age becomes a factor.

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