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how long after sex does it take to induce labor?

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Sex doesn't always induce labor, it really depends on your body and if the baby is ready.  If you are already dilating or effacing, then you probably have a greater chance of going into labor, but sex is not a guarantee to get it going.  I've seen on here a bunch that nipple stimulation works too, but I can tell you we tried everything under the sun with our 2nd son and I was 4cm for 3 weeks before he was born and he still came 2 days after his due date.  Sorry, I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but here is no science to it, it's all a matter of when your body is ready.
Sex is a good way to try to induce labor, but really there is no good way to do it. You will start labor when your baby is ready to come out.

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