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How long did it take to get Pregnant after coming off Birth control?

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My hubby and I decided to start trying this year so I came off BC (demulen) in March and had my first period the first week of April. Since then we have been trying and tried when ovulation should have occured. My next period hasn't come yet, three negative pregnancy tests around the time period was due (4 weeks ago) and I have seen the doctor and she told me to wait it out as it takes time for the body to adjust after being on BC. I am trying to be realistic and patient but we are very anxious to start our family. For those of you reading, how long did it take before you were able to conceive?

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it just took like 3 weeks blieve it or not... it took me a while to believe it!!! :P
we tried for three years before I conceived. Doc said we were having "too much sex." Try not to think about conceiving and it may happen sooner (less stressing on it).
I came off birth control in April of last year and was pregnant by the end of July. I thought after each month and each negative pregnancy test that something was wrong with my body. But it only took a few months. Give it time, your body knows how to ovulate and it will start to again. Also try using the ovulation tests. Those really helped me figure out when I was ovulating so I knew when to have sex.
what if its taking along time for periods to start up again? anyone have that issue? 

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