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How long did it take you to get pregnant after Mirena?

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I know every woman is different, but after recently getting my Mirena IUD removed after two and a half years I wanted to hear from mommies like me, who have been down this road :) During the 2.5 years my periods were more spotting than an actual flow. I really didn't keep track of my cycles until the last 3 months, which were consist between 28-30 days. The day of the removal there was light spotting, followed by a heavy flow and clots that lasted about a week. I'd love to hear about your experiences! Thanks!

answers (3)

A friend of mine had hers removed after a little over 2 yrs of having it and became pregnant in less than 3 months. Good luck to you in a speedy conception too! :)
Mirena has a low dose of hormones so it should be similar to other forms of hormonal birth control like the pill, patch or ring.
I had mine just over a year. I had spotting the first 4 months with it then I got a period every other month and it was just spotting. I got it out mostly because I did not like it. We were not planning on trying right away so the first month we used other methods. Then we decided we wanted another and were going to try when my daughter was 18 months and she was still only 14 months so we went and tried. The first month we tried a lot, then the second month we did not try and well I got pregnant. So had it out in March and got lmp was end of June so pregnant beginning of July. My son was born this March.

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