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How long do you let you baby cry in the night.

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I went for my daughters 6 month check up and informed my doctor that she is still waking in the night 2-3 times to nurse. She told me I need to stop doing that as of THAT NIGHT! She said she is more than okay to go without eating for 10- 12 hours. The first night she got up and it was pitch dark I'm her room, I let her cry for 12 minutes and she fell back asleep. When she got up the next time it was daylight out so I went to her and smiled saying what a big girl! :) Then 2nd night she got up and cried for a miraculous 4 minutes and went back to sleep until morning! I again confronted her with lots of love and smiles :) The 3rd night last night...she got up at 3:00am fussed a little, maybe 2 minutes and went back to sleep. At 3:43 she got up again, only this time she cried on and off for 40 min! :( I felt awful,I snuck in her room and stood behind the head of the crib where she couldn't see me, to make sure she was somewhat okay. I kept thinking, if I give in after all this time, the whole thing will have been for nothing. :( I am about to go through night 4 and I'm so confused on if I let her "cry it out" again in the night?? :( or should I wait until she is a little older?? (FYI: She does not take a binky and still does not roll over on her own, making it a little more difficult for self soothing) I thought we were doing so well the first two days, but after that horrible 40min, I'm reconsidering :( Any thoughts, experience or advise is greatly appreciate! ~Sarah

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