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How long does implantation bleeding last?

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I have been going through what i expect to be is implantation bleeding for 5 days. I have missed my period and have been lightly spotting brown, how long do i have to wait to get an accurate pregnancy test?

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I got a positive pregnancy test 3 or 4 days after missing my period, but some women can get a positive test a couple days before hand. Everyday you wait, more of the hormone is detected in your urine, so if you have already missed it by a couple days, try taking a test. As for the implantation bleeding, I didn't see any of mine so I can't help you on that part. :)
I personally have never had implantation bleeding, when I got preg with both my boys there was no bleeding at all.Most tests say they can detct pregnancy within a couple days of a missed period.If All else fails seek a doctor who will do a blood test to find out for sure :)
If you missed your period, any time is okay to test. The box recommends with your first morning pee. Implantation bleeding varies for everyone. But it shouldn't be more than two weeks.
okay so im 17 and i suspect i might be pregnant. i have had ALL of the symptoms pretty heavily. my period is exactly 7 days late today bt today i started havin a really sharp unusaual pain in my lower right abdomin and when i went to the bathroom i had a really dark pink to redish bleeding bt it wasnt like a full period. it was only when i wiped and it was very thin. i am wairn a pad so i can see exactly what the color is but i cant feel it coming out like iwould a normal period. im wondering is this common like implantation bleeding or could it be me getting my period? should i be concerned?
Implantation bleeding isn't usually bright red spotting. It's more pinkish to brown when you wipe.depo shots, even just one, can have big effects on your cycle. Take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. If not, just give yourself some time for your cycle to get back to normal. If you are still having problems in a month or two, see your doctor.
I've been spotting for 5 days now with PMS like cramps but its not a regular period I took test and there were negative what should I do

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