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How long does it take 4 your hormones 2 adjust after having a baby?

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My daughter will be 6 months next Thursday and this is the 1st time I missed ny period for 2 months. Usually when I am pregnant my breast get extremely sore and I begin 2 get hungry more. I haven't been feeling any of these symptoms and feel regular. I have been losing weight rather fast so I don't think I'm pregnant again. I'm jus confused as to why my period hasn't came yet and if its because my hormones are still regulating?

answers (7)

Are you breastfeeding? Are you taking any birth control? Have you taken a pregnancy test?
no to all three questions. i started bleeding lightly yesterday and today and i have strong cramps. my period has always been irregular but the most i ever missed was a month. i think i might be getting it within the next few days hopefully because of the light blood flow
My doc said it can take up to a year for things to go back to "normal". I'm 4month post-partum. I'm irregular as well but right now I am taking oral birth control so I have been having a ligth period every month. I had not even started a period yet until she put me on birth control 8 weeks ago. I guess it just depends on our bodies how fast things return to normal.
wow... it is amazing how having a baby can change our bodies lol i started having my period either a month or two after giving birth to my daughter and now it has been two months with me not having it. i guess it will take some time for my body to get used to it. do you think that giving birth vaginally can also have an affect on how our bodies will heal?
I don't know about that. I ended up having a c-section because my little girl got stuck! I think that's why my period was so pokey. I imagine my uterus was very tramatized. It's weird, but I still have little twinges like the first few times I felt my daughter kick, but there is definitely no baby in there.
lol wow that is amazing. having a baby changes a lot, especially within our bodies. i hope that everything is better with you
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