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How long does it take to get pregnant after the Depo Shot?

3 answers
I have had 2 depo provera shots and am due for the 3rd in about a month. My doctor warned me when he told me about it that it could take a year to conceive after getting the shot. Recently I have read several articles from women saying that they had a hard time regulating after the shot and it even took some upward of 18 months to get pregnant. I'd like to have a baby in the next couple years and I'm trying to figure out when I should stop getting the shot. I know each woman is different, but I'd like to hear how long it took other women to conceive and what side effects you had after stopping the shot. Thanks!

answers (3)

It really all depends on your body and how long you've been taking the shot. The longer you take it, the longer it can take your body to get your hormones back to normal. But, there have been women who only had one shot and it took a year to get pregnant. If you are wanting to get pregnant in the near future you should talk to your doctor about other forms of birth control.
I started it in feb and got pregnant in november. I was really surprised because of how my body reacted to the shot (bled for 6 months straight). But then again my family is frightfully fertile hahaha.
Hi! I have been using Depo Provera since 2010 up until now 25 May 2013. And i had unprotected sex same day after my last shot, so im asking is there any chances of getting pregnent. because i have not seen my period since last month.

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