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How long long after the Depo shot should I get my period??

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I took the Depo shot in March and had unprotected sex that same night. I took the Plan B pill the next day. Since I have not gotten my period I am worried that I may be pregnant. I have taken 3 pregnancy test one was with the morning pee and they were all negative. I don't have any symptoms and my stomach is really squishy. I don't feel any different. I see myself in the mirror and my stomach does not look like a pregnant woman's stomach. I should be 5 months now and if i was i think that the preg test should have come out + if i was. But anyone's feedback will help me.

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Well if you are pregnant it would come out + in one of the test. And plus I went threw like 4 months of no period, not pregnant just from rapid weight loss and then gaining a little.
Ocean Brooks: Tnk you so much. A friends told me that it took her a year to get her period back after the shot.
Depo shots seriously mess with a woman's hormones which is why it an take up to a year (or sometimes longer) before a woman can get pregnant. I don't know how well home pregnancy test work later in pregnancy since hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels drop off sometime after 12 weeks. I've heard that tests become less reliable later in pregnancy. I'm 5 months pregnant with my third baby and I only started showing a couple of weeks ago, so "not looking pregnant" isn't conclusive either. Plenty of women go through an entire pregnancy without knowing they're pregnant. If you're having concerns you should go see your doctor.
well the depo shot is good for 3 months, so if you took it in March then it was still in your until June, so it's only been about 2 months for you to not have a period, which is totally normal. It could take quite some time for you to get your period back after the shot, especially if you were on it for a long time. I am curious though why didn't you get a preg test sooner if you had suspicions?Also if you are worrying/stressing over being preg or not that alone could mess with your cycle. if you are really concerned go to a doctor and get a blood test.
Since I took the plan B i was not worried but I did take a pregnancy test in april and it was negative. I am going to see my doctor next week. What if there was a blue line on the round window but it was barely visible because i just noticed that in one of the tests i took a few days ago i just don't know if it was the one i took recently or the one i took before that

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