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how long should you let a two month old cry

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I think it depends on the person and the reason the baby is crying.  At two months, a baby doesn't have any way to communicate OTHER than crying, so if that baby's crying, you need to deterimine why.  Diaper?  Hungry?  Cold?  Hot?  Lonely?  Needing a pacifier or swaddle?  If it's not any of those, and the baby isn't colicky or otherwise ill, then there's not much to do but soothe and comfort the best you can and let them cry it out.
At 2 months that is the only way of communication. Like Azriona said, check for all the things your baby might be upset about and then after you have covered all those, just comfort your baby and let them cry but always let your baby know you are there for them. This early in life, they are learning that you are their comfort and connection for love and nurturing. 
Whena baby cries it seriously reduces their oxygen their supply and subsequently harms their ability to send vital chemical signals to their body. Therefore if a child is routinely left to cry, you could be damaging their physical development, as well as thir emotional development. This has been particularly linked to heart issues (such as heart attacks) later in life. You should particularlynever purposefully leave a baby to cry who is under 3 months, as this is an intense period of cerebral devlopment and could damage their physical develoment. Further, it could damage them emotionally- did you know small babies need constant reassurance that they even exist. Imagine if you were crying because you doubted your existence and nobody came- how would that affect you pscychologically and emotionaly? Further, for a young baby in particular, crying for a long period can use up vital calories meaning that will then begin to cry for food (regardless of what they were crying for to start with). All babies cry and they cry instinctively to communicate. It is fine to let a baby cry for a short amount of time as you make your way to them, but you should never leave your child to cry, on purpose for a period of time. Particularly when that baby is less than 3 months old.
I've never really let my kids cry regardless of their age. When babies are young they can't communicate in any other way. When they need something, they cry. So you should check on your baby to figure out what he or she needs. Sometimes all they need is to be held. You won't "spoil" your baby by responding to their cries. In fact, responding to their crying actually allows them to figure out how to self soothe better than just letting them cry it out. They learn that you'll be there when they need you and as they get older they become able to wait longer to have their needs met. So at this age there's no reason why you should allow your baby to cry for more than the time it takes you to stop what you're doing and get to your baby.

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