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How long to wait before testing?

4 answers
So my monthly is 2 days late. YAY!! However, I dont feel preggo :(. I tested on Sunday the day my period was supposed to start and it was negative. Any suggestions on how long to wait?

answers (4)

I would wait a week. If you are pregnant this will give your body enough time to get a high enough level of hcg (pregnancy hormone) to get a positive test result.And, no one feels pregnant immediately. It takes time for the hormonal changes to cause things like morning sickness, breast tenderness, fatigue, etc.
Thanks V. I absolutely dont have the patience to wait a week, so I went out at lunch and bought another test, It was positive. Im super excited :) It has been awhile since I was pregnant so I dont remember how long symptoms took to kick in. Thanks.
My periods aren't regular at all, I waited for 2 months  with my first pregnancy  and 3 with my second before I even thought I was pregnant. Now I am 12 weeks pregnant and found out 3 days ago that I was pregnant.  Your not gonna feel pregnant for a while the only symtom I am having right now is mood swings,wait about 2 weeks and then take a pregnancy test.
I was only 3 weeks pregnant when I tested and I found out, I started feeling morning sickness the next week!>;)

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