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How to make a 15mo boy drink enough. I need to stop breastfeeding!

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My boy never liked bottles of any kind (nor pacifiers), he started using a sippy cup very young but he only fancy room temperature water, no milk (regular, human, formula, sugared, with vanilla, cocoa... you name it, I've tried it!) nor fruit juice of any kind nor soup.. I've tried everything that has crossed my mind. And not one but several times. He is open to eat some jello from time to time, but our MD is not fond of it because of the colors. So I'm still breastfeeding. He loves yogurt, and sometimes eat cheese, I buy noodles with extra calcium and stuff like that so I think the calcium amount he's getting would be okay, but I'm not so sure about the amount of liquid he's gonna get once I stop breastfeeding.

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Just start weaning him. He'll adjust his drinking habits. It may take a little time, but he'll do it. Give him plain cow's milk, don't make it flavored. He needs to be able to drink plain milk and if he gets used to chocolate milk he'll only be getting more sugar than he needs. He also doesn't need to eat Jello because of the sugar. Just give him fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and some dairy and he'll be fine. Offer him a wide variety of foods so that he won't be a picky eater.
First I want to say congrats on nursing him into his 15 month! Not as common anymore. As for getting him on to other liquids, he's used to breastmilk, also the bonding that comes along with it. It's not going to be as easy to wean him as he's older with a stronger personality then most at a weaning age. But it does need to be done. :) Start weaning and be strong through it, contuine to offer milk and water. He will start to take it once he realizes this is his source of fluids. As for milk vs chocolate; I once thought that white is more nutrional than chocolate but the turth is they have the same nutional value. So if you need to do chocolate then so be it. Then dilute the chocolate milk to regluar. Slow transition but works. Try to offer a variety of fruits and veggies, if he's a no meat eater then offer protein subsitutes. In the end it will all be ok. And you have to do what works for you and your child without giving up. :)

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