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how to manage 2 babies in diapers?

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I'm pregnant & i have a 11 month old, and i'm really worried about managing two babies in diapers not only that but my 11 month old is used to getting all the attention and im worried how he'll act when the new baby gets here.

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i am in a very similar situation. my daughter will be 20 months old when our new baby arrives, we've been working on potty training for about a month, but we are no where near her independently going to the bathroom. I am TERRIFIED about how she will react to a new baby but i just assure myself that I will not push her aside. I will make time for her and reassure her that daddy and I love her just as much as we love the baby (kind of hard to explain to a one and a half year old ya know?). As far as the double diaper duty, just give yourself time to get to each one- what else can you do unless you have the means to put your older child in a diaper changing day care. If it is a possibility, i say go for it. that time away will be good for her social skill development and give you a much needed break from double parenting duty. good luck to you!
I have a three year old and 1 and half year old and had the same concerns before my littlest was born. Kaylee my oldest was a handful and I wasn't sure I would be able to handle it all. We read all kinds of books to her and reassured her that her new sister wasn't going to replace her. When our youngest was born she responded great. I think the most important thing is giving each child special mommy time. My boyfriend would always take our youngest for 30 minutes on a walk or something while I spent time with kaylee just reading books, coloring or what ever.

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