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How many C-Section can a girl have

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Hello I have already 3 C-Sec- my recovery was good I think, But Im not sure on how many C-Sec. can you have they said 3 nd some people said more does any one had already more than 3 and outcome is good please advise thanks.

answers (4)

i think up to 3 or 4
You can really only have so many. As for an extact number I am not sure, that'd be something that really should be talked to your doctor. The risks and healing is higher and more difficult. If you are thinking of wanting more from here and needing another c-section I'd consult your doc before hand. Just to be sure.
I'm 34 and I've had 3 c-sections so far. After my last one I was told it would be safe for me to have another, as long as I leave a gap of a year for my body to heal. It will be different for individual cases though, so best check with your doctor. Hope this helps.
I am having a planned c section next month with my first child. While talking to the doctor about it he informed me that 3 is the limit. Pass that you are at higher risk of having the placenta grow in the wrong place and some other very serious medical problems.

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