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at how many centermeters in labor do you get pain medicine

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i got it at 3, but i think they usually wait till 4. i had been in labor for almost two days and had only progressed to a 3. i wanted drugs just so i could sleep. luckily after i got the pain meds i went from a 3 to a 10 in a hour. i was to tired to care about anything but relief at that point.
I was only at a 1 when I got mine.  I think each Dr and or hospital have their own policy. 
Depends what kind of pain medicine you are looking for....and your hospital/the doctors policies. I know where I deliver they do not like to give an epi until you are 4+ but there are other solutions :P
It depends on the type of medication you'll be getting and the doctor's/hospital's standard procedures. Epidurals generally aren't administered until you're at least 4cm, but IV pain medication can be given earlier.
I don't think it matters I got mine at 6 cinameters that all natural thing didn't work for me.
six cinameters didnt really feel that bad til then

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