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how many oz?

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my son is 3weeks . hell be 1month on the 31st . & he eats 4oz if we let him. he takes 3oz but he doesn't seem full after cuz it takes him a while to fall asleep when he only takes 3oz . when he takes 4oz he sleeps right away. I'm worried because my niece is 6months & she takes 4oz . i feel like its way too much for a 3week old. should i give him 3oz? or 4oz?

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A baby know how hungry he or she is. Do not worry about overfeeding your son. The first week after my son was born he was drinking 6oz bottles. That's right, he was drinking 6 ounces when he was just 2 days old! Why did he drink that much? Because he was growing incredibly fast.  He was 8lbs 9oz when he was born and he was wearing 6 month clothes before he was 3 months old. He HAD to drink that much!My 3 week old daughter will drink anywhere from 2-5 ounces at one time depending on how hungry she is. Sometimes she'll drink 3 ounces and then 30 minutes later she'll drink another 3 ounces. It seems crazy, but obviously she's that hungry.So, give your son what he needs. If he needs 4oz, let him have that. Babies only eat when they're hungry and they know to stop when they're full.
My daughter was breastfed but I pumped and fed her some. She was about 3 weeks and would take 4 oz. She would need 8 oz when she was about 2 months old. My son who is 10 months old now if I pump still will only drink about 4 oz from a bottle and that is pushing it. He is huge so it is funny he does not want more
Babies will only eat if their hungry, some babies need more then others so you should feed him as much as he needs.

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