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How much?

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How much should my 10 month old be eating? like how many of the gerber containers?, normally he eats about 2 each time he eats but he still seems hungry sometime and how many times a day?

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It depends on the size. My son started at 5 months with one 2 ounce container and within a month or so was eating two of those. By the time he was 10 months old he was probably eating two 4 ounce jars at every meal, sometimes three. He'd get baby food three times a day with about six 8 ounces bottles of formula. I think he probably also got snacks of soft fruit and vegetables, crackers, etc. whenever my daughter got snacks. But, he was huge for his age. All of his measurements were off the charts at that point and he was outgrowing his 18 month clothes.
You can go to gerbers website and they can help make a meal plan for him. I would also recommend giving him some finger foods to try. Over cook some noodles and cut them small. That way they just fall apart in his mouth and he gets more practice chewing. This is fun for them and takes more work so they tend not to eat as much. If someone was spoon feeding you, you would probably eat more. You can do the same with vegtables. Just steam them a little longer so they are soft. I am already doing this with my 6 month old and he is chewing very well. Most food just breaks up but he loves to chew and eat what we are eating. I just make some small adjustments (no salt or intense spices) Yogurt is also a good food for them, I feed StonyFields YoBaby, both my kids love it. Sometimes I just buy the plan Stonyfields and it is good also, it has no sugar and they love the tartness.

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