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How much breastmilk should my 9 month old have?

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My WIC office says it's the same amount that a baby at the same age would get if their formula fed.  I believe at this age it's 16-23 ounces.  Basically it comes down to if you're child is satisfied he/she has had enough.My son is 9 months, old and 25 pounds. He nurses 3 times a day and eats 3 square meals with a snack and cup of juice (1/2 gerber juice/gerber water) with 2 of them.  When I pump he seems to be getting 8 ounces for the first feeding and 5 ounces for the other two.One site says "Most 7- to 11-month-old babies need a variety of solid foods two or three times a day, plus little snacks, along with four or five feedings of pumped breast milk a day. It's common for breastfed babies to decrease the amount of breast milk they take in as they increase their solid food intake."Ultimately, You know you're baby, is he/she happy with the way meals are going and satisfied with the amount they're taking in?  If you have a real concern ask your pediatrician or public health office, because I know factors like age/ weight play into it too.Good luck and keep up the nursing!
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