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how much chocolate is acceptable for a 16 month old ?

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My MIL gives my DD, 16 months, M&M's all of the ime - of didn't eat all of your oatmeal here have a M&M... I tell her not to but she says "oh Well" to my comments. Please let me know if chocolate is even really acceptable at thsi age? I think it does more harm than good but would like to know physically can chocolate do any damage - liver, kidney's etc? Thanks!!

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I would put my foot down, if I were you. She needs to respect your wishes as his mother. I don't think the M & Ms will harm him, but if he's not eating the food he should, then he will fill up on junk, which will lead to health problems down the road. Tell her to use the candy as reward only for when he finishes his food. We do this with our "treat bowl" at home; if the kids clean their plates (at dinner only), they get to choose one piece of candy from the bowl, which consists of candy from Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc. A small amount of candy per day never hurt any child, but only if they're getting the proper nutrition.
I've always heard that small amounts of sweets will not harm your child.  I tried the "no sweets" rule at home, just to find out that my in-laws were giving my son twinkies and M&Ms when they watched him on Fridays.  I asked my dr. and she suggested sending him with healthy snacks packed and gave me the advice that grandparents enjoy spoiling and being the good guy to grandkids and sweets don't hurt once in awhile. If they are really overdoing it, maybe tell them he was sick after the last visit and you want to limit the number of sweets and bring healthy snacks with when you visit.  Needless to say, I'm sure he loves seeing his grandma!  =)
A child of 16 month should NOT be eating chocolate nor should you give them soft drinks.  My daughter is 16 and has never had a soft drink because she hates the taste of them.  Cherios make a better finger food.  Why would you want your baby all hopped up on sugar and caffeine?  This is the start of a life long problem.  You need to put your foot down and tell her to stop.  If she won't, you have to make sure you are there at all times.
Wow. I know my dr said my son shouldnt have cho. until he is 2. but even then i dont want him to have it. Its really bad for your teeth and etc. If i were you i would put your foot down its your child and you need to do what you see fit. Allan will be 2 this thursday and he has only had tea. At 16mth we did cherrios gerber puffs and gerber ceral bars for him stuff like that
chocolate contains caffeine-very bad for children at that age. what's so hard with putting your foot down if you don't want her to have it? just say no, and when MIL tries to give it to her, don't let her!

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