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How much entertaining does a 4-month old baby need?

2 answers
I have a 4-month old who will play in his play areas for about 10 to 15 minutes each time, then he'll do ok being held, and lay on his back for another while before he gets fussy and seemingly tired. Is it ok to let him nap at this time or should I try to keep the naps to 2 a day and keep him awake for the rest of the day?

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I would let him nap as much as he wants. This not only helps him but you too...A nice break. Maybe try putting him in a swing..that way he can watch you some but the swinging might lull him to sleep too.
My 4 month old is the same way. She is entertained by things for about 15 minutes. My daughter really likes her Bumbo chair. I let her sleep whenever she is tired. She naps quite a bit. 

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