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how much formula and food in oz should a 11-12month old be consuming

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we have a 11month old..we give him 6oz of formula for breakfast then for lunch about another 6 oz of rice cereal then for dinner 4oz of purred food with a 4oz yogurt or fruit baby food then for bed another 6oz of formula and if he wakes up during the night another 6oz of formula... are we giving to much food or too little ?? we have friends that are giving 8oz of formula and their baby is 5months old

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every baby is different, therfore every child will eat a different amount. if your baby seems content with what you are feeding him, then keep doing what your doing. he needs to stay on formula until he is 12 months. honestly, you can get rid of the jar food. he can and probably should be eating table food by now. i know my daughter was done with table food at 5-6 months old. at 11 months she was taking 10 oz bottles two times a day, and eating what we served for meals, as long as is was not a choking hazard for her.
Babies of this age should be getting about 24-30 ounces of breastmilk or formula a day. Solid foods should be supplemental and should not be a main source of nutrition at this point.
Babies will only eat when their hungry so if he is content with what your feeding him and he's not overweight for his age,Your doing good.

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