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How much longer should I work?

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I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I have been working five days a week since the beginning of my pregnancy and I have a three year old. My husband works nights, so we work opposite shifts. We are able to afford me not working any longer but I have been debating on whether I should stop working since I have been experiencing some problems with preterm labor, and a lot of joint pain. I am a bartender and usually work 8 to 12 hour shifts. I am almost constantly on my feet, plus we have to do all of our own stocking which means a lot of lifting for me. I worry that with leaving work I am a failure because I know of people who have worked right up to the day that their child was born. Should I just take off the next few weeks so I can relax and get things together or should I continue working? I have cut my days to just three days but after a 11 1/2 shift last night I ended up going to the hospital with preterm labor, and they said I am putting to much stress on my body. Should I take off to help prepare my 3 year old for the arrival of our little one? Just really confused and don't want people to think that I am lazy because I take an early leave. Any suggestions?

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I think you should just take off, it doesn't make you a failure. If your doing alot of lifting and at risk for preterm labor just take off work, relax, sleep get everything ready. If people think your lazy well forget them, its sounds hard on you to be working like that. So do what you think is right and who cares what they think. Hope this helps and good luck.

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