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how much pain is normal during second trimester?

3 answers
i think i m not experiencing any pain , i m in 14 week now. how much pain shd i have ?

answers (3)

I didnt have any around 14 weeks, it wasnt until around 20 weeks and even then it was just light cramping. Any heavy cramping or bleeding isnt good.
It really depends on your pregnancy, each one is different. There can be some pain or discomfort but I didn't have any with my first pregnancy until the very end. With my last 2 pregnancy I had some discomfort in the second trimester. But nothing that was unmanagable. Watch the pain factor as alot is not good, as the previous had said. If you ever feel not right or something may be wrong go into the doctor or hospital.
I didn't have any pain in my second trimester. I would be more worried about feeling pain more than not feeling pain. Your third trimester is more painful because the baby is getting so big. Check with your ob if you are truly worried. 

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