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How much to pump after drinking?

5 answers
If I have a night out drinking with my girls how much breastmilk do I need to pump and dump after drinking?

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sell strips at rite-aid and places like that , that you can test the milk to make sure you are all set to feed your baby. but i would suggest not drinking at all, breastmilk is very good for your baby so i wouldnt want to waste it especiall if breastfeeding is working out for you.
I also suggest not drinking. You did it for your entire pregnancy, why start now while you're breasstfeeding? 
I believe it is an hour or two for every drink which is different depending on what you have. The alcohol does not stay in your milk so if your baby is not nursing(over night) it should make a differnce. Here is an article about it. you do not have to pump and dump but stopping nursing for long periods of time will mess with milk production. If you are going to miss a couple feedings make sure you pump to keep up your supply and  that stuff you will have to dump. But if left in your breast your body will metabolize the alcohol.
Thank you very much, that article was very helpful and I will be sure to buy some test strips. Husband insists I go out for my birthday with some girlfriends. Weather or not I will drink is undecided, just wanted to have some info so I didn't have to try to figure it out morning after.
Thanks for posting the link to the article that was very helpful!

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