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How much should my one year old son be eating a day?

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he is still on formula but i am trying to get him off it . he drinks other things besides formula but he doesnt eat very much when i try to feed him food so i keep givin him his formula because i am scared he`s not gettin everything he needs. he is a healthy weight but he is fixin to turn one an needs to be takin off his formula.

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It sounds as if he hasn't turned one just yet -  until he does, keep him on the formula.  The day he turns one, though, go ahead and make the switch to whole cow's milk.  Don't wean him - just switch.  Period.  Toss all the formula out or give it away, whatever, but don't give it to him anymore.  Some toddlers don't eat very much.  Look at it this way: your stomach is only about as big as your clenched fist. That's true for babies as well (although with how much they drink, it doesn't seem accurate, I'll admit).  Your son might be a light eater, and that's fine, you shouldn't ram food down his throat if he's not hungry. As long as what you DO give him is balanced and nutritious, don't worry about him not getting all the things he needs.  One piece of advice is to think in weekly terms, not daily:  has he gotten his fruit/veg/meat/dairy for the WEEK, not for the day?  This will help you from going mad on the days when all he wants is bread or bananas or (if you're lucky) broccoli. If you're worried that he's drinking more and eating less, try easing him off the liquids.  Don't give him so many liquids in between meals, and when it is mealtime, give him his food first, and the liquid later, after he's eaten some.  He'll be less likely to fill up on milk or water or juice that way. (I don't know how much juice you give him, but juice tends to be very filling - if you can cut juice out for a few days, that will help.) Good luck!
He needs to be on formula until he turns 1 when you can switch him to whole milk. He shouldn't be drinking much else besides formula right now, he shouldn't get more than one bottle or cup of juice that's diluted with water.As far as food goes, he may not like what you're giving him. If you're still givingh im purees try letting him feed himself table foods that are soft. Steamed vegetables and fruits, Cheerios, and other soft or easily disolving foods are great. My kids go through phases where they don't eat much, so don't worry. Look at his eating habits over the course of a week, not just an individual day. If your son is getting a healthy, balanced diet throughout the week there's nothing to worry about. And, babies and toddlers won't eat much at one time because they have small stomachs. Try offering snacks throughout the day in addition to meals. Also, if your son isn't walking yet his appetite will definitely ick up once he starts. Once kids are walking and running around they start eating a lot more. So just be patient, offer food multiple times a day and cut out some of the juice so that he'll be hungry for food.

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