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How is nausea supposed to feel?

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I am a proud mother of 3 and my husband and I are ttc #4. I was lucky to not have had morning sickness with any of my pregnancies. I am 5 days away from test day! Starting a few days ago I have been having what i describe as an air bubble in my tummy that feels like I need to burp but don't. THere is also a heart burnish feeling. I dont have a weak tummy so Im not sure if this is morning sickness or just an upset tummy. Any thoughts?

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For me, morning sickness felt like I needed to throw up. All day long, and it didn't kick in until I was 3-6 weeks along.If you're 5 days away from an early pregnancy test chances are you aren't experiencing any pregnancy symptoms yet. The pregnancy hormone hcg is responsible for pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, but the body doesn't start producing the hormone until the fertilized egg has implanted, which happens an average of 4-6 days after conception. And then it takes at least a few days to get a high enough level of hcg to start producing noticeable symptoms. 

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