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how normal is it to spot during you first trimester?

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I am 7 weeks pregnant. I spotted a bit more than a few spots. I had heard that this may be normal. I called my doctor and he wants me in for an emergancy ultrasound in the morning just to make sure everything is okay. This is my first pregnancy, I experienced a long 4 year infertility problem, so this has me freaked out. Please, tell me if there are any circumstances that this would be normal. Thank you.

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Some spotting can be normal but it's good that your doctor wants you to come in. I had some spotting with my second pregnancy (at 7 weeks) and it was diagnosed as a threatened miscarriage. My ER doc and ob both told me the same thing, that threatened miscarriages happen in about 50% of all pregnancies and that about 50% of those go on to have normal, full term pregnancies. For the other 50% it's the beginning on a real miscarriage. So spotting is very, very common and most spotting isn't diagnosed as any sort of miscarriage.Oh, and my second pregnancy turned out just fine. The only complication I had was gestational diabetes. In fact, my spotting wasn't as bad as I'd initially thought. It was just a little bit, but it scared me. I went to the ER and by the time I got there the bleeding had stopped. My cervix never even dilated. My ultrasound showed my little baby (a boy) with a strong heartbeat and he was moving a lot. So try not to worry. If you aren't having any pain or cramping chances are good that everything will be fine. 
I always had spotting in my first trimester with my first pregnancy, my doctor always said it was fine if you have bad cramps or blood clots or the bleeding is like a period or heavier then call the doctor......
Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and they did an ultrasound. They could no longer find the heartbeat that had been there 2 weeks ago. It has not grown past 5 weeks and I should be 7 weeks. So they believe I am miscarrying. I have not bled since Sunday, I requested another ultrasound next Monday to be sure. If it is still gone, a D&C will be carried out.
I'm so sorry!

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