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how old should a baby be to pierce their ears?

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my daughter is 4 weeks old and i want to get her ears pierced but im not sure how old she has to be

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Ask her doctor. Most places say wait until at least 6 months old. Some places won't do it until after a year. I waited until my kids were old enough to decide for themselves. (around 5 years old)
6 months is unnecessarily too long. it probably depends on your state, but here in ca, as long as they have had their first set of shots they can get pierced. but Avitoria is right, talk to the doctor for the best advice. my daughter was pierced at 3 months and was fine. Of course you have to clean the piercings twice a day for six weeks- but it's really no hassle.
We got both my daughters ears pierced at 3 mths. Once at Walmart and the other at Piercing Pagoda. I think younger is better bc they don't mess when the earrings while they are healing. Like sunshine mommy said, it's cleaning twice a day, but since you have the little one on her back at least twice a day anyway, it's no prob.I've heard the the peds office can do it now, so worth checking there.
my girls got there ears pierced at 4 months old and the good thing about it there dad had to witnessed it 4 times by his self that was in agreement we kept
I actually think the child should have a say in it. I had the same arrangement for my daughter as my mother had for can be done as soon as the child requests it. For me, that meant at age 5. I asked when I was 5, and was told yes. My own daughter, on the other hand, didn't want them pierced until she was 13! So, that's when she got hers done.
I think we should stop trying to leave everything up to children to decide. Call me old fashioned if you'd like, but we've created a world where kids do whatever they please. I pierced my daughters ears at 4 months. She cried for 5 seconds before I had her nurse and she was fine afterwards. She never fusses with her earrings. When I'm ready to potty train I will decide when, not the child. I love the saying, "Mother knows best". And guess what? WE DO !!
I pierced both my daughters' ears at 4 months. I wanted to do it right away, but my Doctor told me to wait until the first set of shots (6-8 weeks). I have a lot of friends who pierced their girls' ears before the shots, but be careful, becuase if you dont clean them regulalry for the first six weeks they will get infected( (both my girls got minor infections in the beginning which cleared up right away with a little triple antibiotic ointment) thats why I waited till after the first shots though.[I have heard some pediatricians warn against piercing too early becuase the lobe is not fully grown and you might not end up liking the position of the holes]Hope this was helpful and good luck! I think baby girls with earrings is the cutest!!! (If my daughters dont want to wear earrings when theyre older they dont have to!!!!)
piercing ears does not fall into the same category as discipline or teaching good manners.....I agree that it's up to the child.  It's only cosmetic not something having to do with raising a responsible child.  I got mine done at 16....I'd rather my daughter wait.
ty for ur answers..i want to do it asap so she doesnt pull at them if i do it when shes older..ill deff wait till she gets her first set of shots too..if she doesnt like them when she older she can take them out. but i havent heard of one little girl who didnt want to get their ears pierced
You may also want to be carefull because sometimes when the children whos ears are pierced as infants get to be 2 and up they can pull on them and ripp them out of their ears, My mother told me that is what my sister and I did 3 times in a row and that after that she  just waited untill we were older and told her ourselves. Also I do not agree with the comment of mother knows best, when our children are sick then deffinetly yes, but there can be severe developmental and social issues involved with pushing your child into somethin such as potty training before they are ready. Most of the time they will let you know when they are ready. My 2 year old let me know at 8 months that she was ready for a sippy cup by refusing to drink from a bottle anymore. She also let me know when she was ready for a toddler bed at 10 months by climbing out of her crib, the same with potty training. At 14 months she started taking a wet diaper off and bringing a clean one to me and insisting on going into the bathroom with me everytime I went. I believe most of the time we do know best, but sometimes our kids know better.


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