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how old should a child be before you give them a pillow?

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I didn't give my daughter a pillow until she was in a toddler bed at 2 years old. I would say atleast wait until they are a year old. Once they start showing intrest in a pillow after the have turned a year, I don't see the harm in giving them a pillow.
I wish I could remember the age we gave a pillow to my daughter, but she was crawling at 5 months and would crawl over to a pillow and lay down.  She would sleep better and longer with it so about that time we started to give her one at night not just laying on the floor.   It seamed a little young but she was stronger then most babies so I wasn't worried about her rolling over and not being able to move.  And we use a little pillow not a regular adult size pillow.
My daughter was 2 she had a cold and I thought that having her head up a bit would help with some of the congestion. Of course once you give one you cannot take it back. She loves it and it makes her feel like a big girl because mom and dad have a pillow also.
My daughter uses a stuffed toy for a pillow. She's twenty months. I'm waiting until we get the toddler bed up to give her a real pillow.
My little one is 19 months and doesn't have a pillow yet. She like to lay on pillows if she lays down on the carpet or if she's in my bed watching a movie, however she doesn't show a huge interest in it and she rolls around a lot at night and I worry about her pillow winding up on top of her face. Once it happened with one of her bigger toys, she was okay, but it still freaked me out that she could have had trouble breathing. I think I'm going to wait on a pillow until she's a little older.

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