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how old should a toddler be before putting them in a toddler bed

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My daughter was 15 months old when she went into a toddler bed. She absolutely refused to sleep in her crib, and had no problems in the toddler bed as long as she had a rail on it. She'll be 3 this fall and she'll be getting a full sized bed then.I'm anticipating that my son will be able to climb out of his crib before he's 2, so when he starts that he'll go in the toddler bed.
my daughter climbed out of the crib at 6 months, so we put her in a playpen. she climbed out of that at 10 months. we decided since she was too young to be in a toddler bed at that time, she would have to stay in the playpen. she knows that she can get out, but needs to stay in there until mommy comes to get you. she's now 18 months and about to go into a toddler bed with rails. it just depends on what you child is doing, and ready for.
If you asking this question-t.hen get the toddler bed. You can always go back to the way things were before the toddler bed(crib-wise)
My daughter went into her bed when she was 15 months.  She tried to jump out of her crib.  I put her in an adult bed- I didn't have the crib- toddler bed conversion.  I used the Wall Bumpis which really helped out with the transition.

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