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How old was your baby when you fed them baby food for the first time?

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my daughter was 8 weeks when we started her on veggies and fruits. 1st stage. within a month she was up to the 2nd stage foods. and that only lasted about 3 months. she was eating regular table food by 6 months, and off the bottle completely at 10 months. there is no reason to wait until the child is 6 months old to introduce solids, like some "experts" say. unless you have a history of obesity in your family. and in response to your comment on another question-yes, i post a lot of negative feeback on this site? want to know why? because there are entirely too many people posting ridiculous questions on the world wide web, asking everyone what they think and what they should do. so you want my opinion? you got it! there are no stupid questions, just stupid people! i am amazed at how ignorant some of these mothers are. seriously.
I gave my son solids at 5 months.  He started on rice cereal, them moved to bananas, mangos, peas, and the like.  I followed the guidelines in the Super Baby Food book - which are very different from other books I've seen.  (My son, for instance, didn't get most berries until after he was a year old.  Lost of kids in his playgroup were having them at 9 and 10 months.)That said, I have a friend who didn't start her kids on solids until they were 9 and 10 months old.  They just weren't interested before that.  Know what?  THEY'RE FINE, and super smart.Go with your gut, not with what we did.  If your child is 4 months and doing great on a bottle, stick with the bottle.  If he/she is 4 months and clearly hungry, try out solids.  There's a million methods and a millions experts who will tell you a million "this is the way it must be done" rules.  Best way to navigate: go with your gut.
pinkpaisley8709, I do agree with you that her question was one of the dumbest I have seen on here. I am an outspoken person also. I just thought you were a little over the top with that answer. I do appreciate you answering my question. 
I started my daughter on a little cereal in her bottle when she was about three months old because she was ravenous.  The doctors told me not to because she was overweight, but now she is 4 years old and she grew into her chub and is a healthy little girl who loves broccoli, tomatoes, and soy.  As long as you're not feeding you little one junk at an early age, I think they will be fine.
I started Samara on solids when she was able to sit up supported pretty well - which was 4 months old. She started with cereal and then went on to veggies and the like. Today, at 15-months-old, she is a super veggie lover. She loves all kinds, except carrots for some reason, lol. She is now starting to use a spoon on her own, yay!

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