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How to Potty Train the RIGHT WAY please!

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My 2 year old son has been indicating that he wants to 'potty' or 'poo' just before he does it. i would like any advice on what the best method would be to potty training him would be. any advice would be GREAT! thank you.

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When he says he wants to bring him to the potty to try. Do not force him to use the potty. And cheer him on just for trying, he does not have to do anything. My daughter showed interest in the potty but took a little while to make the connection. She thought it was fun just to sit on the potty which is fine too.  We gave my daughter stickers and put a paper on the wall and she could put the stickers on the paper. She thought that was lots of fun. My friends son was not as into stickers so they used fruit snacks. You do not need to offer a reward just sometimes it can help. I would start just cheering him on.I also had a talk with my daughter how diapers were going bye bye and she was going to wear undies and use the potty like mommy. She understood that and saw the diapers getting towards the end and when they were done she was potty trained morning and night.
Get him a potty chair or potty seat for the toilet. When he indicates that he needs to go, take him to the bathroom so that he can use his chair/seat. Put him in training pants instead of diapers. I recommend using disposables at first, then using either cotton training pants or just underwear during the day and disposable training pants at night.

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