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How should I deal with my daughter's frustration with sports activity?

2 answers
She'll try kicking a ball or throwing a ball and easily gets frustrated and wants to walk away. I don't care if it's sports or some other activity - I simply need to know how to encourage her to keep trying.

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sometimes it's easier to simply ask the child if she wants to be good at a task, and then explain to them that practice, practice, practice is what's going to make them good at anything.let them know that they CAN be good at anything! I usually try to relate first by telling my neice a story about when i overcame a difficult task (she love's hearing about stories when i was small), then i gently coax her into doing somthing difficult. be sure to compliment her ever effort and tell her how proud of her that you are when you see her becomming frustrated, this way she's hopeful. It'll take some time but you have to try to be patient and understanding.
Encouragement and help her find a sport she is good at and enjoys that is the most important thing.

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