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How should I effectively discipline my 8 year for mean behavior?

2 answers
My daughter was annoyed by another student on the bus so she threatened to stab him with a pencil if he didn't stop singing. She didn't stab him but got another child to stab the singing child. The Principal has spoken with her and this is her first time being mean to another child but I want to properly discipline her so she truly understands the consequences of bad behavior (if she does something again she will be suspended!). I plan on taking TV away and anything else fun that comes up but for how long and what else can I do? I will have her apologize to the student. HELP!

answers (2)

Taking away privileges and/or grounding should be enough for a child of this age. You should also look into why she had this kind of reaction, it seems a little extreme for an 8 year old. You may want to think about having her see a therapist.
for a kid age he should know the difference between right and wrong, and you should make what you believe to be approiate for the situation.

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