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how should i make my child ready to dring milk?

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My child is of age of 2and half year he is not drinking milk nor even he likes any milk product. I have tried out to give him a milk with choclate but he is not ready to drink the same. His diet is also not that much because he is not taking launch properly nor even dinner and in the whole day he is not eating healthy food too so i thought that at leas he drink milk than also it will be helpfull if not milk than any other milk product but he just don't like and if i tried to force him than he just thorw out the same from the mouth and start crying.I am really worried about his diet and aslo about his health. I don't know what should i do to make him drink milk atleat?????

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A lot of kids just don't like milk - one of my son's play buddies doesn't like milk, but she'll eat yoghurt and cheese just fine.  I wouldn't force the milk issue with your son, as long as he's eating other dairy foods. Which leads to my other question: you say you're worried about his diet and his health.  Is it a quantity thing?  Some kids just are light eaters - the same little girl who doesn't drink milk also eats like a bird, and she's fine.  Then there's my son who would eat the entire box of mac'n'cheese in a single sitting if I let him.  Appetites, like people are all different.  It's possible your son just doesn't have a large appetite. As for getting him to eat healthier, it really does start with you.  If you don't want him to eat junk food - don't give him junk food.  If he misses a meal because he refuses to eat what you're serving him, it's not the end of the world.  But it's also important to make sure he gets the food he likes.  If he likes cheese, give him the good stuff.  If he likes peas, stuff the kid with peas, and look up recipes that call for peas so you can work some variety into his diet.  What exactly about his eating habits has you concerned?  Is it that he's not eating ANYTHING, or just not what you THINK he should be eating?
If you find other dairy products he likes that are healthy that works also. He needs to be getting calcium and vitamin D so if he will not take in milk products at all find some other foods that have good sources of calcium and vitamin D.My doctor always said with toddlers it is not really about what they get in a meal or even a day. It is looking at their overall diet and making sure it is balenced. You may have one meal where all they eat is the veggies or all they eat are noddles. With my daughter she will usually pick one thing off her plate and eat all of it. Last night she ate her noddles great but nothing else. We do make her take a bite of everything but do not force her to eat. Kids will eat if they are hungry, they will not let themselves starve.Make sure you are only giving your son healthy options and that is what he will have to eat. He is not going to let himself starve.
I was having trouble with my quads eating so I ask there pediatrition they gave me a list of ways to hide healthy food in yummy snacks.
If he'll eat other dairy products you don't have to worry about him drinking milk. He should be able to get enough calcium and vitamin D from cheese, yogurt, etc. Giving him chocolate milk only gives him sugar that he doesn't need.As far the rest of his diet goes, if you're concerned you should talk to his pediatrician. But, you shouldn't expect him to eat large meals. Toddlers have small stomachs and can't eat a lot at one time, which is why it's recommended that they eat snacks throughout the day. Make sure you give healthy foods only. Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and whatever forms of protein he will eat. Try to get him to eat a balance of these foods every day but don't stress too much about that. It's more important to monitor eating habits on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. So if he won't eat vegetables one day but he eats them the next day, he's doing fine.

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