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How should I tell my boyfriend that I believe I may be pregnant??

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I don't know how to tell him that I suspect I'm pregnant!! Any advise on getting the conversation going??

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Confirm it first if you can. there's no need to either freak him out or get him excited depending on how you think he'd feel if you were pregnant) if it's nothing.If you feel you must tell him before you take a test, make it as calm a setting as possible. Don't tell him over a meal, or when he comes home from work, or at a time he'll be stressed out. Tell him on his day off, sometime during the day, at home. Talk about your plan of action. Tell him how you feel about it and ask how he feels about it. Don't shove him aside out of fear that he may be less than happy about it. Communication is key, especially if you are pregnant. I wish you luck!
Oh, and as far as how to get the conversation going, just sit him down and be direct. If you find out you are for sure pregnant before you tell him, and it's good news for you guys, you can get fancy with it, like telling him in a gift or something like that.
i told my boyfriend that there is a chance that i might be pregnant because i have had signs and symptons so we both looked at when i should start and if i havent by that day we will wait til the day after i graduate high school or the day of graduation and take of a test
confirm the pregnancy first, and then just grow a pair and tell him. spark up the conversation at dinner, for ex.
Hy, before you tell our boy friend first be sure that you are pregnant. Then ou may tell that to our boy friend. I think he will be happy to know that.Target baby registry 

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