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How should we announce our 1st child to my hubby's dad and stepmother?

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I have ideas for what I'm going to do to tell my parents and my mother-in-law, because it will be the 1st grandchild for everyone. However, my stepmother-in-law has 4 grandchildren already, and my father-in-law is like a 2nd grandfather to them. I want to do something special for my in-laws, since I'm doing something special for my family, but I'm stuck on ideas. Help please!!! :-)

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Equal opportunity, I say.  You're sending a card to the grandma with a birthday, right?  Why not do the same for the grandfather and step-grandmom?  Just because it's not their first grandchild doesn't make a new baby any less exciting - and doesn't mean they're any less this child's grandparents.  They'll be just as pleased as they were for the other 4 grandkids - and they'll probably have a better idea on what toys/gifts are appropriate, too!

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