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How soon can I find out gender through an ultrasound?

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its different with everyone some find out at like 16 weeks and some cant find out untill like 26 weeks it depends on the person           
Most people can find out when they are 20 weeks thats usually the earliest, but sometimes you might not find out until later depending on what position the baby is in when you have your ultrasound
12 weeks! My Dr. sends her patients for a screening between 11 & 13 weeks and both of my pregnancies they were able to tell us. They say "most likely", but confirm it at a later ultrasound.
Hi I found out for my 1st born at 4 1/ 2 months and for my daughter at 5months...Good Luck!
Hi I found out for my 1st born at 4 1/ 2 months and for my daughter at 5months...Good Luck!
I dont know about in your area but in my area we ahve like specialty ultrasound places where they do like 3d 4d ultrasounds and just ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy in general you can go anytime and have an ultrasound just cause you feel like it, no insurance needed or anything, it does cost you though, its not for medical reasons. But they can tell you as early as 15 weeks most doc offices wont tell you until your 20 weeks because that is when your next ultrasound will be. Good luck!

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