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How soon can I get pregnant??

2 answers
I just resently got my nexplanon (newer version of implanon) removed about a week and 1/2 ago, and I only had it in for about 4 months. I got it put in on April 13 2013. I was just wondering if anyone knew how soon I could get pregnant. Or if I could get pregnant before I had a period because I didn't have a period the whole time I had the nexplanon and still haven't had one.? Or if anyone else has had this birth control and if they got pregnant.? Thank you

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Hormonal birth control affects every woman differently. There isn't really a way to tell how soon you will be able to get pregnant. Since you didn't have it in for too long it shouldn't take too long, but it all depends on how your body reacted to the hormones. Sometimes it can take a year or more before your body is able to regulate your hormones properly, sometimes it only takes one normal cycle. And, since in a normal cycle you ovulate before you have your period, it is possible for you to get pregnant before you have a period.
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