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how to stop diarrhea on a 1 yr old baby?

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i think warm baths a tea work really good, good luck!
take your child to the doctor if she/he is having persistent diarhea.
I absolutely agree that if your baby is having persistant diarrhea, take him/her to the doctor.  Diarrhea can be very serious in young children and seniors because of the risk of severe dehydration!  Remember your  A B C's - Apples, Bananas and Carrots for those less frequent episodes.  It may seem strange because generally one thinks that too much fruit can cause a loose stool but these fruits actually help the situation.   Infant rice cereal mixed just with water can also sometimes help to firm up the stool.  Also remember that true diarrhea is very watery, not just stool that is a little loose.  

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