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How to stop my kid from throwing himself to the floor when he is mad?

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My toddler when he is mad throws himself to the floor and keeps stomping on the floor when he is mad or when he does not get what he wants.

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My `14-month old boy has started doing the same thing.  I pay no attention to his tantrum - I certainly don't give in, especially if he wants something dangerous - and instead, I try to distract him with a new toy.  He's got a short attention span, so this usually works. I don't worry about him throwing himself to the floor.  We have hard-wood floors, and I discovered that when he "throws" himself down, he's actually more sitting and then laying back.  Even he knows that it's going to hurt if he's not careful!
3 suggestions, I've done them all and they all work at various stages or for different reasons.1.  Very cold water.  You pour some very cold water on that child and he will learn very quickly that does not get the reaction he wants.  Yes you have to clean it up and that's a butt, however it only takes once or twice for them to get the picture and then you just have to use threats after that.2. As the above said, ignore and eventually he may give up.  I don't subscribed to the distraction method though because I have two very good friends who used it and they still have to use it now with their 5 and 4 year olds (who still pitch unbelievable fits that have me wanting to take over and parent them).  I don't think distraction solves anything other than a temp fix for your issue.3.  Play mean mommy.  Stomp your feet, whine your voice and say I'm a mean mommy, mean mommy, mean mommy.  Tell him to join you.  It takes a strong mommy to do this, but he will see that sometimes you aren't going to give in, you are just going to be mean and life will go on. #1 and #3 worked great for me.  I can't do #2, I'm not strong enough or patient enough to listen to it until he gives up and it becomes a battle of the wills.
wow.ok. ive read most of those. but.... what i have found out is that to make sure that hes not by dangeruse stuff and if he is take in away from that and give him a pillow or something soft. and show him insted of throw himself in the floor to scream into a pillow or show him other ways to take out him anger. it might take a few time but if h young hell take hold of it fast.
My five year old went through that when he was three but he's grown out of it, plus I was raised by spanking and that worked for him. If it doesn't for yours, just be patient they should grow out of it.
Im a childminder with 20 years experience with toddlers Im horrified at some of the suggestions on here!At this age children find it very difficult to control there emotions they need teaching just as you would teach them to walk or talk, they are not born with the ability.During the episode, talk calmly saying "I know you are angry, we will have a chat when you are calmer" you must stay calm when a child or adult for that matter is angry it only fuels this by shouting. Count with your child to 10 very calmly this is not for an ultimatum it is to help them learn to calm themself breathing deeply also helps, blowing bubbles is a great way at this age.
I wouldn't recommend spanking, mean mommy, or cold water. You have to remember that these are children who are brand new to the world and the ways of life and they need to be taught every Single thing by you, whom they trust. You have to nurture them and give them comfort and encouragement. They are counting on you to support them in their journey through life. Treat them the way you would expect to be treated if you were an unknowing individual. Fighting back or punishing them with these negative methods won't inspire them to thrive, it will only cause them fear, produce trust issues, and above all leave them confused, disappointed, and feeling misunderstood and abandoned. My parents used negative methods with me and it only left me feeling unloved and traumatized causing huge problems for me in my adult life. Just remember: children don't know what you know and they count on you to guide them, be loving, supportive, patient, and good teachers. Give them the tools they deserve in order to figure out this thing we call life and be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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