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how to talk to your kid about a drug addict absent mom

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my xbrother inlaw is raising my nephew and two nieces my sister has not contacted her kids sence october she is remarried with a baby. my sister and new husband beat each other up and are on drugs any ways my bro need some tips on how to tell the kid whats really going on he has just been telling them that there mom is having a hard time should he talk to the kid about drugs and tell them there mom is using

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I would think yes, he should be honest and truthful about their mother using drugs.  Younger children might not understand, but they need a reason their mother is absent, whether they understand or not.  My father was not in my life and although I had a wonderful step-father, I always wondered why my father wasn't around - was he on drugs and alcohol or just ditching my poor mother and parenting responsibilities.  I don't feel like oh, my father never loved me (now that I am an adult) but it would have been nice for someone to at least try to explain to me why he wasn't there.  Good luck, hopefully if the rest of you are supportive and there for the kids, they will move forward knowing they are loved & cared for even without their mother.
Well, it depends on their age. If they're too little to understand, the just say that mom is sick (which is true) and not making the right choices. If they're older you can explain a little more. Tell them that mom is taking drugs (no need to say what), and that they make her do and say things that she normally wouldn't do. Then you can talk about how sometimes people are able to stop, using drugs, but it's really hard and it has to be something they decided to do. Encourage him to keep the lines of communication open and let them talk honestly about what they're feeling.

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