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How to tell another mom her daughter is scratching my son at daycare?

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My son is at a daycare with a friends daughter. The daughter scratches my son who just turned 1. He has scratches on his face and legs. I am concerned, because when i advise the friend, she says's "its because he bothers her". I really doubt that happens. My son is a little bit younger than her daughter. My son doesn't like when i ask for something he has and i take it from him while saying "can mommy have this sweetie"? He throws a fit and cries for more than a minute because his feelings seem to be hurt. What should i do? How should i react to the friend with the scratching daughter?

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have the teacher's in the room told you and the mom what has been happening? if not, see if they can do something about that (i used to work in a daycare and had several parents ask me several times to do this). if not then talk to your friend directly and GIVE her your HONEST oppinon.
just tell her that she needs to keep her daughters nails off your son because hes younger then her and its hurting him
I suggest that you speak with the teacher and/or director at this point, but also keep in mind that this is an unpleasant, but common and developmentally normal behavior for toddlers and preschoolers. I write an educational column for the Concord Journal and took this topic up recently, with a focus on biting, but it's all the same. Here's the link: DayEducational Psychologist and
you just need to muster up the balls to tell this woman. it's as simple as saying, "hey, your kid is scratching my kid. cut her fingernails!" you may want to talk to the teacher as well. she may be able to provide some mediation.

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