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How to deal with teens who are way bigger

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First off I'm a very tiny woman. 4'10 95 lbs. I just come from a tiny family. I'm a single mom. My daughter is 16 and she is a foot taller, athletic, and much stronger than me. She does not listen to me. I try so hard to put my foot down and she won't take it. If I try to tell and threaten punishment she will just come to me and say that's not happ and I can't do anything about it. She is so much bigger and stronger than me that I feel helpless against her. Last year I made the stupid mistake of trying to slap her. She just caught my arm and just squeezed it and wouldn't let go until i actually cried. That was when It hit home how I'm powerless over her. I'm very intim by my own daughter. Any confrontation and she will just get in my face and she so big and strong I get scared and back down. Do other parents deal with this?

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