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How to get 4 month old to sleep now that he's rejecting the pacifier?

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My 4 month old suffered bad colic and reflux for 3 months and would only ever settle when being held and cradled with a pacifier. It got to a point where most of his naps were in our arms and he was always cradled (but not rocked) to sleep at night with his pacifier. He was sleeping really well typically 7 hour stretches at night and 1-2 hour naps during the day. Then all of a sudden he started rejecting the pacifier last week. He won't even let it get near him! He's never gone to sleep any other way (can't doze off in swing or bouncer and screams when put down drowsy but awake) so I am at a total loss what to do! I don't want to sleep train this early but I can't calm him down anymore or put him to sleep! He isn't napping and night time the past couple of nights has been a nightmare! Please help!

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